Sunday, June 15, 2008

Skateboarding Trick Tips Has a New Profile on

So I was surfing around the web looking at all of my favorite skateboarding trick tips blogs and websites, when I came across an online community at I don;t know how I missed it before, but I decided to sign-up and create a page:


Be my firend! rate my stuff...drop me a far it's pretty bland and lonely looking...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Skateboarding Trick Tips - First Video for

This is the first video for Watch, share, enjoy! More video to come including skateboarding trick tips. If you have a video idea or can make a 30 second video for then upload it to youtube and post the link in the comments of this post!

Click the following link for more skateboarding trick tips.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Skateboarding Trick Tips - Review

I've been trying to find the best skateboarding trick tips guide on the internet. Found this review online at

"Secrets of Skateboarding goes far above and beyond the average trick tip guide. It is a great starting point for beginners since it does a nice job of covering the basics so you have a solid foundation. For intermediates who are seeking to learn more tricks, the guide has detailed trick tips for almost every single trick, from ollies to backside flips to the hardflips and grinds & slides as well. We loved how each trick is broken down into individual steps, such as foot placement, balance, pop, flick, landing, and ways to practice. This means you know exactly how the trick should be done in every single phase.

However, we feel that knowing how to do a trick is not enough. What’s most important is understanding and overcoming what you are doing wrong. Secrets of Skateboarding has a top notch troubleshooting guide for every trick, so you’ll know exactly how to fix your mistakes and learn the tricks faster.

The book is also full of useful gems that would benefit any skater. For example, there is a section devoted to techniques and ways to get your tricks higher as well as the top five mistakes most skaters make that hurt their learning. Our favorite part about the book is section where the author reveals his personal valuable techniques for learning tricks quickly and landing them consistently.

When we first learned that Secrets of Skateboarding is in eBook format, rather than an instructional video, we were disappointed. However, after we looked through the book, we decided that was actually a good thing because you will be able to access the information more easily. You can find instructional videos on Youtebe; but you can't find this information anywhere else.

If you're serious about learning skateboard tricks in the shortest amount time, we strongly recommend you download the Secrets of Skateboarding."

Checked out the product based on this review and I have to agree on all counts. It's the best Skateboarding Trick Tips Guide out there today. The writing and instruction is solid and the FREE Bonuses are awesome!

If you are serious about learnig to be a "Badass on the Board" this is a must!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Skateboarding Trick Tips From - Unlocking the Secret

There is an old proverb that states "people tend to quit when they are just a few feet from the finish line." A goal gets to be too frustrating, too intense. Repeated failures tend to wear people down until they no longer have any hope. and 99 times out of 100 they will stop, quit, give in just feet before the finish line.

Skateboarding is the perfect example.

Broken decks, broken bones, and broken spirits keep hundreds of amateur skaters from going pro. Their hopeless gets the best of them and they call it a day, content to skate at the park and in their driveways while never taking the nest step and going all the way. Thaat's a mistake.

skateboarding trick tips are always technical. That's great because you need technical information to get up off the ground. But skateboarding trick tips should also be inspirational. Finding the inspiration to keep going when all seems lost is the most important thing you can learn.

Of all the skateboarding trick tips you will find on the Internet, the most important one is this:


Friday, June 6, 2008

Skateboarding Trick Tips To Make You A Skate Park Star

Learning skateboarding tricks is just like learning any other skill. You have to set a solid foundation. If you learn something "half-way" take a "short-cut," or worst of all, learn something "the wrong way," then it will take you ten times as long to repair the damage and master the trick. That is the danger with skateboarding trick tips. Many beginners get misinformation from the get-go and it costs them valuable time in the end.

Here are some things you should NEVER do:

1) Never get skateboarding trick tips from your friends. Unless they are qualified pros with years of instruction under their belts they will probably teach you the wrong way. In any aspect of life you should always seek out a mentor who is older, more skilled, and a proven teacher who can start you off with a good foundation.

2) Never get skateboarding trick tips from other skaters at the skate park. Same rules apply as above. You don't know where these guys are learning tricks from. Also, they may not have your best interests at heart.

3) Never get skateboarding trick tips from the Internet. The same unqualified people at the skate park are the ones putting this information on the Internet.

Here are some things you should ALWAYS do:

1) Set a good foundation. Get skateboarding trick tips from a reputable teacher or source. If you get information off the Internet make sure it is from a quality instructor that has testimonials and references. If you get bad skateboarding trick tips to begin with you will have to "unlearn" horrible habits which is much tougher than learning them correctly the first time.

2) Practice. You've heard that practice makes perfect. Well that's probably the truest statement you will ever here. You will never excel at something the first time you do it. Excellence takes time, and effort. Get good skateboarding trick tips and then practice them over and over and over. Then, practice them some more.

3) Become obsessed. You know how Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab became great skateboaders? They became obsessed with skateboarding. In fact, anyone who excels at anything does so because of an obsession. skateboarding trick tips are just part of it. Get good solid skateboarding trick tips. Practice incessantly, and be obsessed.

These three simple steps work well for any aspect of life, not just skateboarding. Once you set a good solid foundation all you need to do is practice obsessively. If you do, it will be impossible to fail!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Skateboard Trick Tips - Become a Badass!

"Bad Ass Skateboard Star Reveals Underground Skateboarding Trick Tips That Can Make Anyone An Expert In Just Days...Even You!"

You have probably already ruined your chances of EVER mastering even the SIMPLEST Skateboarding Tricks. Why? Because you have been getting Skateboarding Trick Tips from a bunch of losers who wouldn't know a kick-flip from a nosegrind!!! Here is what YOU SHOULD NEVER DO:

NEVER get Skateboarding Trick Tips from your friends!
(They are just as clueless as you are!)

NEVER get Skateboarding Trick Tips from posers at the skate park!
(They are just as clueless as you and your friends!)

NEVER get Skateboarding Trick Tips from YouTube or Google!
(The same posers at the skate park are posting that junk online!)

It may not be too late to save yourself...go to to find out if you have what it takes!