Friday, June 6, 2008

Skateboarding Trick Tips To Make You A Skate Park Star

Learning skateboarding tricks is just like learning any other skill. You have to set a solid foundation. If you learn something "half-way" take a "short-cut," or worst of all, learn something "the wrong way," then it will take you ten times as long to repair the damage and master the trick. That is the danger with skateboarding trick tips. Many beginners get misinformation from the get-go and it costs them valuable time in the end.

Here are some things you should NEVER do:

1) Never get skateboarding trick tips from your friends. Unless they are qualified pros with years of instruction under their belts they will probably teach you the wrong way. In any aspect of life you should always seek out a mentor who is older, more skilled, and a proven teacher who can start you off with a good foundation.

2) Never get skateboarding trick tips from other skaters at the skate park. Same rules apply as above. You don't know where these guys are learning tricks from. Also, they may not have your best interests at heart.

3) Never get skateboarding trick tips from the Internet. The same unqualified people at the skate park are the ones putting this information on the Internet.

Here are some things you should ALWAYS do:

1) Set a good foundation. Get skateboarding trick tips from a reputable teacher or source. If you get information off the Internet make sure it is from a quality instructor that has testimonials and references. If you get bad skateboarding trick tips to begin with you will have to "unlearn" horrible habits which is much tougher than learning them correctly the first time.

2) Practice. You've heard that practice makes perfect. Well that's probably the truest statement you will ever here. You will never excel at something the first time you do it. Excellence takes time, and effort. Get good skateboarding trick tips and then practice them over and over and over. Then, practice them some more.

3) Become obsessed. You know how Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab became great skateboaders? They became obsessed with skateboarding. In fact, anyone who excels at anything does so because of an obsession. skateboarding trick tips are just part of it. Get good solid skateboarding trick tips. Practice incessantly, and be obsessed.

These three simple steps work well for any aspect of life, not just skateboarding. Once you set a good solid foundation all you need to do is practice obsessively. If you do, it will be impossible to fail!

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